Hello My name is Vanita O'Neal

I am a mother, a wife and believer in Jesus Christ. I work as a Behaviorial Health Coach, Licensed Social Worker and Creator of DreamWell Coaching. 

I teach parents and children how to manage problematic behavior.  My background in Social Work, Human Services, and Life Coaching have helped me understand human behavior.  DreamWell was birthed in 2011 out of a stressful time in my life when my plate was overflowing and I needed to make a change or risk my own mental health decline. I identified my biggest stressor and put to work everything I knew to improve my life and the lives of the parents and children I worked with. After a long night of praying and asking God for help I experienced a shift. I recognized that God was at the center of my transformation and I wanted to share it with other people.

I created a program through DreamWell Coaching that teaches you how to do the same thing.